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Polishing & Ceramic Coatings


First the vehicle must be prepped even if it's brand new, this includes a full exterior safe wash and then decontaminating, this ensures the paintwork is cleaned and as smooth as can be before any polishing takes place. First we use chemicals to break down some of the contaminates picked up since the vehicle has been on the road or even transportation of a new vehicle.
Overtime these contaminates become harder to remove so the next step is to clay bar all the paint ready for polishing, this bar of clay will pick up and safely remove the contaminates still left on the vehicles paintwork ensuring a smooth perfectly clean surface ready for the polishing stages.



Once the vehicle is prepped and ready to be polished the correct approach must be undertaken. Paintwork varies from vehicle to vehicle. Some manufactures use a harder more durable lacquer, others use a softer lacquer. Another thing to factor in is the thickness of the current paint, removing to much clear coat can be dangerous causing clear coat failure in years to come, we can measure the paint across the car which will inform us if anything has been re painted or areas that are thinner where more caution is required.
Using different levels of abrasives to remove defects in the paint such as swirl marks, light scratches and oxidisation these imperfections are removed from the paintwork for good, we use no fillers or silicone in our polish either and always wipe down with an IPA so there are no false results.
A 1 stage polish is an enhancement polish removing some light to medium swirl marks and enhancing the gloss on the paintwork approximately 50% and above improvement depending on the vehicle.
A 2 stage polish allows for stronger abrasives giving around 80-95% improvement as well as further refinement and gloss to prevent a dull hazy finish.
A 3 stage polish isn't often required anymore as modern abrasives have moved on a long way and usually the best result can be achieved with a 2 stage polish.
1 Stage Polish from £225
2 Stage Polish from £349
3 Stage Polish from £449
*Price Includes a full exterior safe wash, decon & polishing*

Protection / Ceramic Coating

Now that your paintwork is as clean and contaminate free as it can be applying a coating to the paintwork is the best way to keep it protected, think of it as a sacrificial layer on top of your paint guarding your vehicle from the elements, this includes road salts, UV rays (fading), hydrophobic properties and increased gloss levels whilst protecting the hours off prep work put into vehicle.
Please note a ceramic coating can only be applied to a vehicle that has had the previous steps followed otherwise it will not bond to the vehicle as it should even if it’s brand new.
The ceramic coatings we apply start from 3 years up to 6 years, we are accredited with Alien Magic giving us exclusive access to ceramic & graphene coatings not available to the general public.
3 Year Ceramic Coating from £399
5 Year Ceramic Coating from £499
6 Year Graphene Coating £549
*Prices above includes a full decon, 1 stage enhancement as well as paint and glass coating*
These products below are an example of what main dealers offer, these coatings are not true ceramic and will not perform anywhere near as to what we use.
AutoGlym life shine

Shiny black BMW convertable.jpg


Cleaning and waterproof protection for Cabriolet/Convertible Roofs starting from £40.

Deep Wheel Cleaning from £10.

Sealant coatings - price on arrival

Large RV, black and shiny after clean.jpg

Want to see what these services can achieve? 

Take a look at our project showroom to view some of our favourite cleans to date. 

"Highly recommended, he did an outstanding stage 2 polish on my truck. Very happy!"

- Mark B, Facebook

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